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A Podcast Is Born!

Updated: 17 hours ago

If you've been following along here at Muse On the Mountain, then you know I made a pretty radical career departure in July. There was the road trip, and then there was a lot of silence that followed when we got home.

But right around the beginning of September, I started to come out of the quiet soul searching, and began to entertain thoughts around a new career direction. A podcast sounded like an iffy endeavor at best, but I was game for a challenge and, above all else, I was curious. Always curious.

I bought a few microphones, and I went really deep down internet rabbit holes trying to find the nut and nugget of how to do it. You might have heard me banging my head against the wall, and giving myself pep talks on long walks. That's because for every answer I captured, three-six-ten more questions were born. BUT the deeper I dug, the more right it felt. And the more I got behind the mic, the more I knew I was coming myself.

Birthing a podcast into the world has called upon every past job skill I've ever developed, and called up every insecurity and vulnerability I never wanted to know I had. But it felt so much more right than wrong. I was lit on fire with ideas and big connections, and this magic kept showing up all along the way. AND THEN, the right people (I'm looking at you Yvette Keller) agreed to come along with me on the ride. So we got on the ride. Oh, what a ride.

So I sit here today, a few short months later with mastered episodes in an emerging podcast, and a line-up of the most incredible guests to come, well into the new year. WHAT!?! So freakin excited about this.

The format is simple - one full interview episode dropping on Thursdays, and intimate minisodes of personal reflection on Sundays. The theme is also simple: we can reinvent ourselves anytime we choose, and it's the small steps that bring big change in our pursuit to do and be better for ourselves.

The Podcast is called You're Up First. Because, well, in our own lives, we should be.

The podcast trailer and Episode 1: Worthy of Quitting is up on Spotify, Audible and just about every streaming service imaginable. Even though I'm still waiting on Apple/Itunes to take it live, I couldn't wait another minute to share this new baby with you on the eve of our most Thankful Day of the year.

It's the time of year to give gifts, and this is a pretty big one I've given to myself. I hope it's a gift for you, too.


TO LISTEN please click on the PODCAST link in the menu bar and ENJOY!

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